Nakia Set To Perform at SIMS “Heart Of The City” Event

Nakia is set to perform at the 2016 “Heart Of The City” event presented by The SIMS Foundation. The event takes place Saturday, December 4th at Emo’s Austin on Riverside Drive. Nakia has long been a outspoken client and supporter of The SIMS Foundation. SIMS provides access to mental health services such as counseling and addiction recovery treatment to working musicians and music industry professionals in Austin, TX. In 2010, Nakia was presented the first (and currently only) “Fearless Advocate” award for his personal efforts to speak openly about the importance of mental health treatment. He has participated in many fundraising events for the non-profit, helping to raise thousands of dollars over the last 14 years, and has sat on the SIMS Musicians Advisory Panel.

Austin is a city of music. And with each song comes a story – stories of love, passion, joy and even bittersweetness. Join us as we celebrate the music that has punctuated our lives and honor industry legends in front of and behind the microphone.

On stage, Austin’s finest musicians alongside top music tastemakers will become storytellers and share their seldom-heard stories and disclose sordid confessions …all while providing a historic and uniquely memorable experience for the audience directly from the heart of the city.

Staying true to the walls of Emo’s Austin, this evening promises extraordinary stagecraft with the authenticity of being little rough around the edges.

With Master of Ceremony Joe Nick Patoski, and music direction by Grammy award-winner Adrian Quesada, this evening affair of soul-stirring songs, anecdotes and musical recollections is sure to be chronicled in Austin’s music anthology.

Songs and Stories by:

Kathy Valentine
Israel Nash
Louis Black
Margaret Moser
Pete Astudillo
The Jones Family Singers
Redd Volkaert
Riders Against the Storm
Michael Ramos
Carson McHone
Greg Gonzalez
The Soul Supporters
Stephanie Bergara
Graham Williams
Andy Langer
Leo Rondeau
John Speice
Sonia Moore
Grupo Fantasma Horns
Charlie Sexton
Erika Wennerstrom